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Residential Rental Properties

Carpathian Capital Management started its real estate investment activities in 2013 through the purchase of residential rental real estate. This has mainly been with single family homes or duplexes but we do have 2 apartment buildings in our portfolios.

At its peak, CCM managed over 400 units in 5 states for 5 different portfolios with an average return of over 10% for our investors.

We currently have over 250 units mostly in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area with a small number of houses in the Detroit metro area.

We have found a niche in buying packages of homes when those owners need to sell them together fairly quickly, especially in a 1031 exchange situation. This allows us to buy at a discount to what the home might command if sold individually on the retail market. We then manage the rentals with our internal property management group. Our full attention on the properties drives efficiencies to ensure a great return for our investors.

We have no projects ready for investment currently. However, we are regularly in conversations with other owners who are testing the market so we expect to have the occasional project arise. Let us know if you are interested in participating in this business line in the future and we will put you on our short list to contact when these deals arise.


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Residential Rental Properties